Eating Healthy Over the Holidays


As we all know, the idea of celebrating a Christmas meal usually turns into months of parties, sometimes even starting in November and not ending until January! As your Wellness Stylist, I’m determined to help you enjoy the goodies of the season while still keeping up your healthy habits. 

All this added sugar is kind of like the Grinch, it’s going to steal everything from you...except not bring it back! For starters it'll take your energy away from doing the things you love, leave you feeling tired and sluggish.

Then the tasty trader, will compromise your immune system, making it a lot easier to pick up that bug going around! 


Here's my top Christmas party & family gathering solutions!

1.    Don’t show up starving! Eat something small before you arrive to avoid overindulging.

2.    Choose your indulgences. Be selective! Don’t necessarily avoid dessert altogether, but be selective over what you want to have and pick your limit before arriving.

3.    Drink a glass of water before & after your meal. This will help you feel full and lead to better digestion.

4.    Bring 1-2 healthy but delicious dishes that you can have more of if there isn’t as many healthy options

Don’t deprive yourself, but...

5. Start Green! If salad is an option, make sure you eat that first. This not only leads to better digestion but also makes you feel fuller before you move onto something heavier.

6.    Skip the Bread or share a bun with someone else (or even better bring your own gluten-free bun!)

7.    Go BIG - take bigger portions of the healthier options; load up on the most natural vegetables so you feel fuller.

8.    Lay Low on Condiments – skip unnecessary butter, sour cream, salt. Keep your foods as natural as possible.

9.    Make “This or That” Decisions – pick a sweet potato instead of white potato, or brown rice instead of white rice whenever you have the option or decide to have a second piece of dessert if you skipped the bun or sugary vegetables. Pick 1-2 family gatherings or work parties over the season where you’re more lenient but still aware, remembering to make it a few meals, not a few months.


Creating a Cozy + Nutritious Christmas at Home...

11.    Experiment with healthy & fun baking at home – find gluten-free & dairy-free, & processed-sugar free recipes. Make extra to share with your co-workers & neighbours!

12.    Keep your Liquids Clean - Skip the artificial colors and dyes, and processed sugar, by making your own with simple DIY cocoas & ciders.

13. Have fun decorating your home with fun & simple DIY ideas (you know how to find Pinterest!).

14.    Make your home smell good all the time by diffusing Young Living essential oils, like their Christmas Spirit or Northern Lights Black Spruce!

15.  Focus on conversation & the meaning of the season rather than just food – remember why you’re there - to celebrate relationships & quality time together. Make sure your more focused on that, then what’s on your plate.

I hope you have a wonderful, cozy Christmas surrounded by those you love.